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False modesty

I have a navel ring now. I got it yesterday. But don’t worry. I still love Jesus. I wasn’t sure if I should talk about this or not. I have been very concerned with modesty and how it plays out … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…Later…

So…Gandalf comes back and he’s all cool and powerful and wise. And…they all lived happily ever after? Nope. That’s when the action of the story really gets going. See, Gandalf needed to become the white wizard because he would need … Continue reading

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Princess Lessons

I am tired of the disney-ization of princesses. I mean, I grew up watching Disney movies and I think it is possible to watch them as a kid and not grow up to be a woman who hates herself or … Continue reading

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Normalizing Different

The “popular kids” and I have never been what you’d call close. In high school and beyond I have usually had a somewhat adverse reaction to doing what was mainstream just because. Even when I tried to blend in I … Continue reading

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The Emotional Palette Revisited

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have come to think of feelings as different paint colors on a palette. The painting we are working on is our emotional interaction with the world around us. We all start out … Continue reading

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Going from Grey to White is Exhausting.

“Alas!” said Aragorn. “Gandalf the Grey fell into shadow. He remained in Moria and did not escape.” At these words all the Elves in the hall cried aloud in grief and amazement…. It is hard to watch people you love … Continue reading

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Lost and Found and Anacronism?

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  In the afternoon, we went to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, and in the evening we saw Lost and Found play (a band I have followed since high school).  It was great fun, … Continue reading

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