Who me?

I have a 3 year old daughter, E. and a new baby, S.  So far I have found the Mommy job description to be extensive, including but not limited to elements of librarian, nutritionist, child psychologist, musician, artist-in-residence, social planner, spiritual advisor, jungle gym and dairy maid.

I need to say more words in day than anyone could ever listen to.  I am what some people call a verbal processor or verbal learner.

Mostly I go by Katie.  But I secretly always wanted to be a Kate.  It’s not about changing my name; it’s about recognizing that I am not yet who I am supposed to be, and that I stand somewhere between the sinner and the saint, or between the unexamined and the intentional.  I am in progress, and I will continue making small steps towards my “Kate-ness.”

Read more here about why I call myself a princess. It might not be as cheesy as you think.


4 Responses to Who me?

  1. Robert says:

    I too need to say more words in a day than anyone could ever listen to. However blogging is out for me because I really don’t type very good or very fast… so I write in my journel. I like your post “not so pointless”

  2. Thanks, Robert. The comments are helpful, I think…lets other people sort of be in my brain with me while I think about things…

  3. Kate Connell says:

    Finally read the “about me” section… you know what’s funny? I am a Kate, and have only allowed my family and close friends to call me “Katie”… as you well know. But over here, Kate is hard to say in Swahili. So every day I am becoming more and more “Katie.” I think the world defines us in certain ways and does it’s best to keep us “grounded” in what they have set. But God has a different plan for each of us and is constantly trying to move us past what the world says we are into who He created us to be. 🙂

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